Women, Music and Sociopaths
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For all it's platitudes about healing and supporting women (as in 'Sheville'), Asheville is a virtual playground for sociopaths both of the male and female extraction. In an environment of 'radical inclusion', it is highly difficult to remove a sociopathic personality once they are embedded in a artistic community. In Asheville, the communities that suffer the most revolve around electronic music, art projects and primary music organizations.

The information in this article has been a slow revelation that has occurred after 10 to 15 years. My primary sources are the women affected by this issue, security personel that work festivals and basic scuttlebutt that has been repeated so much, it warranted investigation.

Radical Inclusion is a concept that, in my opinion, was born out of the black heart of some dark lord living on a faraway plane of sinister reality just to disrupt humanity at the highest levels. This idea came to us from Black Rock City and Burning Man years ago, only to find itself firmly engrained in the Asheville EDM scene. In my personal experience, this ideology has also infected federal culture at a high level. Radical Inclusion (R.I.) was so broadly accepted that most H.R. departments swim in it like a duck to water. However, R.I. allows psychopathic, sociopathic and pedophilic personalities to freely abuse any community they choose to call 'home'.

Only in Asheville will you find documented pedophiles being closely aligned with a music festival that directly involves children. Such open secrets are rarely discussed, but should be - however, in a town where the drugs and beer are so good, most will turn their ear away from such information. In another turn, our most vulnerable, women and children, are victims to these highly visible characters who can wreck havock in plain sight and even get away with their abuses.

Security Personel that work festivals, events and 'burns' will often complain about these persons, however, nothing is ever done to remove them from these events. If anything, these bad actors are often celebrated personalities that are 'beyold reproach'. Should they get in trouble, the events are dismissed, no one is 'allowed' to speak about the event and the victim is ostracized from the community.

I personally believe everyone knows what they are doing. However, what you see in Asheville is an advanced version of Stockholm sydrome where people placate their abusers. If such security personel try to 'remove' these bad actors, they find themsleves labelled as 'overly aggressive' or 'abusive'. This truly 1984 mentality amongst the music communities, where black is white, peace is war and 2+2=5, is more common that it would seem. You see, people in large numbers are truly stupid. The abusers either know this or are naturally able to leverage this weakness of large crowds, to their advantage.

Several primary EDM personalities have actively abused women, yet if you look at their social media accounts, they are quite popular and you would not be blamed for thinking that nothing is out of sorts. However, this is the exact irony that plauges our town. Asheville considers itself a 'left leaning town' and 'abuse of women and children is not accepted!' To illustrate, if a rural Baptist minister was to 'hurt a woman', then the town would come out in full force to decry this 'injustice'. However, if their own do the same, then these events are swept under the rug. If I knew that party or political affiliation would provide cover for my crimes, I guess I would align myself appropriately if I wanted to commit such injustices!

In addition to this problem, you have the issue of perpetual victimhood and the fact that this modalitiy also perpetuates abuse. Perpetual vitctimhood is a mainstay in Asheville. Asheville if the land of broken toys.

If a person is taught to accept their 'victimhood', then they will never be told they have the strength to defend themsleves from abuse. Logically, victimhood precludes an sort of transition to a healthy state of mind. In the world of perpetual victimhood, once a person is a victim, then they are always a victime for life. This role assignment is dangerous, much less, disempowering to the person being affected by external events. However, like R.I., the ideal of victimhood landlocks healing in our community and the victim is never allowed to assume the role of the victor. There is no 'heroe's journey forward' towards healing, only a 'victims circle'. In a town of 'empowerment', true personal strength is actively discouraged. Should a person find their footing, there is always someone out there to knock them down.

The sucess stories of good people in Asheville are rarely discussed.

So, in this target rich environment, sociopathic individuals always have prey close at hand. There is always someone willing to be victimized. And if a 'victim' was to complain about their abuser, there is a community there to tell the person being abused, that they are wrong and that they must have 'imagined said events'.

Recently, I was involved in a conversation between two women at an outdoor venue. The focus of the conversation involved a man, who like the ones discussed here, abused people - particularly women, and is a celebrated person. Both women had never met before, however, the first woman who was deeply troubled by this man's actions against a friend of her's, was amazed to hear another woman speak out. She said that the man had beaten her in her mid-teens, but no one would believe her. She was stalked for days and had to hide at her parents house. The second woman, who had insisted that this man, now in his 40's, be removed from the Asheville EDM community's lineup, was surprised to hear another woman discuss the man so openly at a music event.

Both women shared their stories and each understood that no one appeared to listen to them. However, that night, several people were listening. People in Asheville are starting to understand that these parasites (let's not mince words), are a clear and present danger to the Asheville community.

In most cases, women being abused by these characters are simply told they are being 'hysterical', then to, 'sitdown and shut up'.

Is this really any type of 'positive' advice to live by if you are being hurt by someone?

Look, I'll put it this way, if a snake is biting you, move away from the snake! Do not celebrate the snake, do not blame yourself for getting in the snake's way and do not sit there! A snake is a snake.

Should not have Aesop's farmer listened?[a][b] Yes he should have listened, and so should you!

Kindness to evil will be met by betrayal ... tale as old as time.

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I've traveled the world and the seven seas
Everybody's lookin' for something

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused


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